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Speak of Love

How should I speak of love
softly perhaps
so only love's ear
can hear
or understand
whispered words of desire
of hopes and fears
of wants and needs
a touch so light
you wonder
did you feel it at all
or did you only
want to feel it
a breeze could pass
so lightly
and so warmly
as I wish to touch you
or should it be loud
for all the world to hear
to claim
what I wish to be mine
and mine alone
to mark territory
and proclaim joy
at what others overlooked
this one has discovered
and will not share
the treasure
perhaps love should not be spoken
for words do no justice
to what can not be explained
love sought is forever
love found seeks forever
I do not wish to speak of love
I would rather share it

©Karen Damon 07/2004

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