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Though I do love you
with all that is my being
sometimes I get loney
when we are apart too long
when the day has been too hard
and it seems I have nowhere to go
I wish to escape
finding solace in what we share
without you
sometimes there is an emptiness
inside me noone can fill
and a restlessness I can not calm
it stirs within me
until we are together again
sometimes when I need you
and you can not be here
the lonliness is too much
and I cry myself to sleep
like a child
sometimes I doubt what I feel
alone it takes time
to banish these fears
love is not an easy road
but nothing in my life
has ever been easy
and I could never leave you
you command my heart
something no other could do
sometimes I wish
the picture in my hands
was really you
so I could touch it
and remember again

by: Karen Damon 1990