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Remember Me

Remember me
in times of deepest need
remember all we have shared
you and I
and all I have taught you
fly high my little bird
reach into the heavens once more
I will be here
waiting for you
there are no doubts
you may place in your mind
that I can not overcome
the road you travel is not easy
much of it is dark and unexplored
but you travel it well
I watch over your travels
when all around you is darkness
remember the Light
it shines always
when you have nowhere left to turn
return to me
when they do not listen or understand
talk to me
and remember the promise
as I wait
when you are lost
I will find you
and carry you home
when there is sorrow
share it with me
and we will see it through
there is nothing
we cannot surpass
you and I
Remember me
I wait for you.

written by: Karen Damon 10/98

Thank you very much for the award!!

I made this background so please do not take it or my work-thank you!

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