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Looking in the mirror
I saw a different person
than the one I saw before
the changes came abruptly
without warning
the barriars I created
in defense
now have cracks
because of you they broke
I did not notice
until this moment
I see the world
in a different way
my view has changed
without realizing it
you battled my defenses
strange how you never saw
what you did
you left me here
wondering where I must go
which path should I take
and where will it bring me
I called you friend
and you said I was special
in your heart
I stand here now
watching you walk past
without a word
don't let go yet
when I have just discovered
how much you meant to me
If you want this distance
I will do it
but only because
I would do anything for you
even this

by: Karen Damon 1986