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The Only One

Every word in every song
rainbows after the rain
silence on a snowy morning
wondrous sunny days
children at play
in everything
in every face
even if I close my eyes
always you I see
the only one on my mind
I have tried
at least a thousand times
to love another
no-one sees me as I am
knows all my failures
yet still loves me
never seeking to change me
you hold out your hand to me
when all others turn away
my only truest of loves
in you I find my faith
wherever I am
whatever might come
my trust is never misplaced
my heart never broken
giving a smile when I need
holding me close
when I can not go on
I must remember this
to tell you how I feel
at this moment
a love never failing
always and forever
in my heart and in yours
there are no words
so I take your hand
return the smile you give
all will be well you say
I am with you this
and every day

ęby: Karen Damon