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The nature of the conflict

The nature of the conflict
arises from the want
of a simple thing
yet the thought of it
frightens me
here in a world uncertain
where I hide in shadows
you came to me
now I can not lose you
yet what will I do
should we go on
as it seems destined
in my heart
I want so much
to share forever with you
but it scares me
if you never ask
if this is not what you want
my fragile hopes
will die
if you do
my heart will soar
please understand
this conflict between hope and fear
fades when I am with you
in the lonely solace
of my room
in night's long depths
sometimes I wonder
if you are only a dream
as such things were before
when you are away
I wonder if you will not return
I can not ask you to stay
but I do not want you to go
all I ask
is that you never stop
loving me

by: Karen Damon 1989