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A Lover Returns

In dreams I search for you
following clues in memories
am I gaining or am I losing
I do not know
sometimes it seems I could
reach out
and you would be there
to hold my hand and reassure
other times
it seems you are miles away
how much have I prayed
for your return
how many tears were shed
with the pain
I thought I would never
see you again
then the long awaited letter
now exists the question
one of risks
there may only be more pain
but can I simply turn
and walk away from you
even now
my heart longs for you
I was beginning to heal
I need you always
not once in awhile
or when you feel the need of me
I wait for you now
the tears have been shed
courage gained to face
what I must
if you are not the one
I must know the truth
time wasted here takes me away
from the one I seek
hold me or set me free
the choice is yours

ęby: Karen Damon 1990