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Show me the way
out of confusion
I need something
I can not name
before you
it did not exist
not for me
show me the way
out of shadows
into the light
I used to know
if only I could go back
to when didn't know
what was missing
show me the way
to trust again
so I might be able
to reach out
and find someone
willing to accept my hand
no longer fearing
what may happen
show me the way
to feel
for it is cold here
with no-one
to give me warmth
and I would enjoy
the company
to share the things
hidden deep inside
show me the way
to make dreams
into reality
because they are all I have
my memories
are few and scattered
by time
show me the way
to love
it is what I want
most of all
to find someone
the only one
who will love me always
and never leave

written by: Karen Damon 1987

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