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Questions in my mind

Though I go over this
a thousand times
in my mind
the should I
or shouldn't I
a question
disturbing my soul
I only know this
I want to
all I hear
are the don't do its
the ones
who wish to protect me
from the things
I dream of
I wish they would leave me
and let me think
clearly again
all of the probems
the questions
gone from my mind
it feels right
but it may be too soon
and how do you now
that is is
or that it isn't
I only get confused
and frustrated
because I know
all the dangers
and the risks
but at times
it does not matter
even though it should
I suppose
you love me
I see it in you
in everything of you
but will it live on
or will I be alone
in the end
as it usually happens
I feel
at the edge of something new
wanting to go over
but stopped
by questions
by the dangers
I wish with all my heart
that I knew
the answers

by: Karen Damon 1989