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Take My Hand

Take my hand
lead me away from here
dance with me
take me to where you are
to the peace and solace
in your arms
you held me once
I wish you would again
I want to look in your eyes
one more time
remember who I am
and who I will be
do I ask too much?
a moment
just for us to share
I feel time going so fast
I need your strength
to continue on
why am I so uncertain
about everything but you
stay with me
a little while
as the darkness threatens
I need your light
a dance to last
through all time
just you
just me
and a music that plays
for us alone
in your presence
I have no fear,no doubt
I pray this feeling will last
long enough to give me courage
to face the darkness
stay with me now and always
and I will go on

©Karen Damon 9/2000


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