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Dying Love

In the beginning
so new
precious and exciting
you don't realize then
how fragile it can be
I loved
still you left me alone
far too long
I felt the love die
though I tried
you came back
nothing was right
not really
I wish something could
save me
rescue the love
I find myself thinking
it would not hurt you
not much
if I left you
as you left me
do you see the shadows
in my eyes
could you feel the pain
and would it matter to you
I wonder
my heart is wandering
my soul crying
is it truly me you wanted
or are you here
because I am all you have
I need to believe again
the pain grows
ever so slowly
dragging me under
a flood of tears
do I have the courage
to face the truth?
I only know
that I must do
what must be done
here or there
you or someone else
only one path is right
if only I find the way

ęby: Karen Damon 1990