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This poem was written as a combination of a love letter written to me and my responses to his words. It starts with his words first then mine and continues in that manner..

Thinking of you
is like
nothing else

How can you leave me here
it seems so cold
so very far from you
while my world falls apart

you are in my mind
every single minute

tell me what I must do
to make you stay
I need you here
how can I dare
ask you not to go

I know how you feel
and you know
how I feel
it will take longer
than we thought

In my mind
we talk,we dance,we love
you are always
just beyond my reach
your voice in my mind
could drive me insane
waking from dreams of you
a tear falls slowly
down my face

just keep me in mind
like I do you

mind and body exhausted
I cry here alone
not wishing to
but without any other choice

ęby: Karen Damon 1990