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Crystal Ball

Is there a crystal ball
in which I might
have a peek at the future
just out of reach
my heart tells me one thing
my mind insists
it can not be
they war constantly
with me in between
can you not understand
how a tree can bend
in the fierce winds
and still not die
patience is not easy
I want to run
anywhere beyond this place
you do not answer me
at least no answer
I am ready to accept
silence is all I receive
destiny is leading me
on a rocky path
a long,dark alley
through the shadows
where I can barely see
hearing a voice
glimpsing a face
is it you
or only an image
my mind creates
the darkness threatens me
sometimes overwhelming
In the night
I allow the winds to carry me
as I fly toward the light
seeking entrance
to a home I have never known

ęby: Karen Damon