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This is my page for my newest poems,there is a link below for the page containing links to my other poems(1986-1999). All poems are the original copywritten work of Karen D. Damon,not to be used or altered without my express permission.

Added catagory in ()'s after title to help you sort what you might be more intrested in reading. My poems are on various subjects Love,Loss,Life,Dreams,Faith,the struggles we all go through...But of course some poems can be interpreted in many ways--so you might argue with the chosen subject.


My Prayer for You(love-*NEW* 12/03)

Crash and Burn(To God-*NEW* 11/03)

Something of You(Love-*NEW*11/03)

It is but a Moment(Love-)

Autumn Wind(autumn-)

Before You(Love)

Ghosts of Relationships Past(Love)

Beyond This Place(Love)

Spider's Web(Spiders)

Dark of Night(Halloween-)

In Time(Faith)


Star Shine(Love)


Come With Me(Love-intimate)

On angels wings(Love)

The Gift(Faith)


Reunion(eternal love)

Remember Me(Faith)

Into the water(Faith)

He is the light(Faith)


Goodnight my angel(Love)

Heart's Trust(Love)

Shadow Lover(Love)

Dark Knight(Love)

True To The Heart(Life)


At the Edge(Life)

Take My Hand(Faith)