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Hi -that is Bobby(a.k.a. Robert G. Davis) He cooks,he cleans,loves kids,has a heart of gold and is mine!! Absolute proof that you can not give up on love. I met Bobby online through one of those dating services just when I was about to give up on all of it,my luck had been terrible-had lots of emails,a date here and there but nothing that lasted. We met in November,2003 and we are still together.
Now about Bobby,he spent many years on dialysis waiting for a new kidney and for transplant procedures to be perfected-at least enough for him to have confidence in going through it. The years on dialysis have given him many other health issues but he is a survivor. Now his life depends on medications and a constant monitoring of many factors that could affect the transplant. He has such an inner light,a love for people and sense of humor that draws others to him. Especially children.

I wanted to make this page so others would know the value of organ donation and transplants,the lives it saves. Despite some difficulties people with transplants can live a basically normal life. There is always the concern about infections,the many drugs and constant monitoring of health to be certain rejection has not begun. Even with the newer treatments there is always the threat of rejection since the donated organ is a stranger to its host body.
Without such a gift Bobby would not be here now and the lives he has touched since would never have known him. Now he says he has two birthdays,his first Jan. 31 and the second in October(10/98) on the anniversary of his transplant.
These pages are really for him,my project of sorts,and will be undergoing near constant change at least until I get it right.

Bobby is very much into trains(the real kind-not models) He has other intrests,of course,including bears,(which he has had in his own backyard)--another story I must tell one of these days. I did say Bobby cooks-much better than I do. Sometimes I think in different circumstances he might be an adventurer of sorts,having a love of exploring new places and meeting new people. I want to add more as time goes on,there really is much more to tell.
I have added a page of links for information on Pottsville,pa. -where Bobby lives- for you to check out if intrested. Along with pages of links on transplant information(including personal sites),and a page of links to train related sites. Feel free to explore,but don't get lost-bookmark this or my main page(Blue Moon Dream's)!

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