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Hi,Thank you for visiting my pages. I started writing poetry in 1986,my first work being an assignment for creative writing class in college. I usually write straight from my mind,very rarely do I ever write notes or pre-drafts. I write when I feel the poem is ready to be composed. Sometimes these moments come at awkward moments-once while I was in line for dinner at college,lately it can happen at work-I keep paper with me almost all the time.
My writing is important to me,this site has been a peek at my past as I set it up and put the pages of my work together-you can see me develope and grow going from my first ones to my most recent. In times when life keeps me too busy or too stressed I can not write,so some years you will see I wrote less than others.

I have received small awards for certain works,many in this site have been published in anthologies or in the writing journal published by the college I attended,or on other sites-so,yes,the copyrights are valid and provable. I thought about including lists of awards,mentions,where and what was published but it would only be for show. I write because I have to and I enjoy it-I only hope some others out there will as well. I also do not wish to give too much info on myself for privacy reasons and it will make it harder for others to say my work is theirs.
I have seen other poems with someone who has the same name,do not wish to confuse her work with mine ,and that urges me to be careful. The original poems are all in my possession. So,I am Karen D. Damon and this is my work,my art,my emotional outlet,my joy and my life in verse


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